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Happy Dog Flakes

Treat your dog to our delicious flakes. High-quality ingredients such as healthy vegetables and fine herbs are combined into an exclusive composition. As a complete food, you can not only feed our flakes as a sole food, they are also perfect as puppy porridge from the 4th week of life. They contain everything your four-legged friend needs. Easily digestible and with valuable animal proteins, they are also ideal for sensitive dogs. Our flake mixer brings variety to your dog's bowl. Together with fresh meat, the balanced recipe of vegetables, herbs, cereals, vitamins and minerals is ideally suited for BARF menus, home-prepared food or as supplementary flakes.

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Happy Dog
NaturCroq Flocken-Mixer (mieszanka płatków)
Wegetariańska mieszanka płatków zbożowo-warzywnych do mieszania z mięsem
Happy Dog
NaturCroq Flocken-Vollkost
Pełnoporcjowa naturalna karma dla wrażliwych psów i szczeniąt

Our flakes - the optimal supplement to pure wet food

Which wet food is right for your dog? If different protein sources are mixed, this can be problematic for sensitive dogs prone to allergies and food intolerances. For these animals, it makes more sense if the wet food contains only one protein source, which they are preferably not yet familiar with from their previous feeding.

Happy Dog's high-quality wet food therefore consists of valuable animal proteins (meat, fish and offal) from a single species. You can choose from buffalo, venison, lamb, turkey, beef, duck, ostrich, goat, salmon and kangaroo. Contains no sugar, cereal or soy. Instead, we use 100% animal protein of the finest quality. Pure meat wet food by Happy Dog can be used as a sole food, as a BARF alternative or for mixing with Happy Dog Flake Mixer.