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VET Sensitivity Snack

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  • Drób
  • Lekkostrawna
  • Bezglutenowa receptura
  • Wyjątkowo smaczna
Opis produktu

Veterinary snack for support in cases of food intolerance

A snack that complements the main meal is essential, even for dogs with food allergies. Based on the recipe for the Happy Dog VET Hypersensitivity diet, the soft VET Sensitivity snack is ideal for dogs with intolerances. The grain-free recipe for the Happy Dog VET Sensitivity snack with the exclusive animal protein source quail and the unusual carbohydrate source Italian sweet chestnuts is ideal as a snack accompaniment to an elimination diet with Happy Dog VET Hypersensitivity or when feeding this diet permanently.

The snacks are produced with no added sugar or preservatives and the resealable pack ensures long-lasting freshness. Pamper your faithful friend with something special!

Complementary feed for adult dogs.
Check with your vet to make sure the snack is suitable for your dog.

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